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Thank you for activating your International Thespian Society troupe!

Having your Prep Kit information on hand is highly recommended for this two-step process.

Step 1: Application

(Estimated time to complete with Prep Kit information in hand: 10 minutes)

We'll review the application and contact you within two (2) business days. If approved, we'll send your provisional troupe director log-in ID and password by email. We'll also let you know how many students you'll need to induct online to complete Step 2 and give you detailed instructions how to do so.

Step 2: Induct students

(Estimated time to complete with student information in hand: 1-3 minutes per inductee)

You'll have a window of two (2) business days to log in and complete Step 2. If you are unable to induct students in that time, your provisional log-in access will expire, but you can contact our service center team to reset the log-in window.

Ready to go?

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